Distopian Dream Girl

...in which I do NOT embrace my 'curves'...

Confessions of an Ex-Bulimic

Okay so I originally started this tumblr account with the idea of actually making some weight loss progress. Unfortunately all it turned into was an easy outlet for posting and reposting picture after picture of beyond gorgeous girls that I would kill to look like. This may be unhealthy. Just saying.

But one of the side benefits was that my wonderfully amazing BFF in the entire universe (and even CanadaLand), Bethany, started an account as well. And since then…well needless to say, she’s made some Ah-Mazing progress. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself (www.workitlikeyouwantit.tumblr.com).

She’s shamed me turn after turn and it’s about time I start playing a little catch-up. 

As of now I stand at 5’8” and 165 pounds. 

If I get down to 145 by the middle of December I get a scarf hand-made by Ms. Bethany herself. 

Child’s play.

Let the games begin.

After Shark Week is over that is. 


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